Entry #9

Achievement Unlocked! - Joined A Band

2017-05-05 06:58:23 by Insomnimatic

To my fans and lovers of Rock/Metal,


I recently joined a band in my area about 3 weeks ago and we've had our first show last week. I'm excited for this new project in my life and wanted to bring our sound to Newgrounds. We may open a band account here and upload our tracks. I'll be doing most of the recording work when we decide to actually record our music. For now we have a live version of our song titled "Up To Us" on my Soundcloud account located here:


This was recorded with one mic in the middle of the room and I mixed it down the best I could so it's not the best recording but it works.


Our band, "From The Ashes" Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/FromTheAshes777/

We have videos from our first show up there too. If you guys like what you hear, give us a like!




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2017-05-05 07:31:35

Sweet, will take a listen when I am back on the PC. What do you play?

Insomnimatic responds:

I play guitar and the other guitarist and I switch back and fourth on leads / rythm. We just do it like that so it's not 100% pressure on one guy to get everything right for leads. In the video on facebook, I'm using my Epiphone Les Paul and one of the other bands allowed me to use their Blackstar head/cab. I always just did guitar > interface > VSTs to get distortion so I never needed an amp until now haha.