Entry #8

Lost everything

2017-04-27 01:45:59 by Insomnimatic

Hey everyone, I recently had to get a new HDD because my old one crashed and the data isn't recoverable so I lost years of work. I will still be making music but it's going to take time to get every setting back that I used. I'm hoping to at least release a new song sometime next month but it could take longer. On the good news, I recently joined a band as the lead guitarist and we'll be playing a show soon! Just thought I'd throw this out there since I haven't updated anything in a while.




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2017-04-27 04:49:59

"Refreshing" in such a way can be helpful too! I do it purposely from time to time, just so all unnecessary things will be left behind because i forget to install them back meaning they weren't necessary.
"One does not accumulate, but eliminate. Perfection is not when nothing can be added but when nothing can be taken away." - That's how Bruce Lee put it :3
You'll get back even better, with less clutter and more quality, i'm sure of it!

Insomnimatic responds:

I never even thought of doing that but it really does sound like a great way to freshen everything up. I think I'll do this from time to time and see what happens! Your comment is really the one that shines good light on this situation and it definitely helped me feel better over all about it. It was hard to accept that I lost everything in literally a second. I can at least learn from this and see the good side of things. So seriously, thank you a lot for taking the time to write this out because I feel like it would have taken much longer for me to "bounce back" from this!



2017-04-27 04:58:30

When you say that your old HDD has 'crashed', is it a case of dead firmware or some kind of system state lockdown on it such as a hibernation loop? Any luck extracting the HDD, using a SATA Dock and pulling your old info off of it?

Insomnimatic responds:

No, the firmware was fine (I make sure to keep drivers / firmware up to date as much as possible). We had a thunder storm where I live and I had my PC plugged directly into the wall outlet. I'm surprised I didn't lose more than just my HDD. I tried to dock the HDD but no luck. I think the arm that reads the data isn't moving so it might be possible to move the disks inside to a different case OR to just replace the arm. I'll give it a shot sometime soon and see what happens.



2017-04-27 05:54:21

I know what you're feeling, my shit bucket of computer "breaks" all the time and mostly destroys my works and everything. fuck this shit. sorry about your works btw. :(

Insomnimatic responds:

This is the first time in four years mine has crashed lol. I'm really sorry to hear yours has frequent problems. Have you tried to fix up some of the issues? Whatever it's doing just search online and see what other people did to fix it. Most of the time it's something simple and honestly, fixing up PCs really isn't hard for the most part. Seems intimidating when you look at the inside of the PC as a whole but just focus on what the issue is and I bet you could easily fix it.

You could also get an external hard drive to back up your works if it keeps destroying everything. Probably wouldn't need a huge amount of space to back up art / music. Videos on the other hand... haha



2017-05-05 04:53:58

Just want to say thank you guys for the words of support! It was tough to accept losing all my data but I know I'll pull through and come back stronger from this.