Lost everything

2017-04-27 01:45:59 by Insomnimatic

Hey everyone, I recently had to get a new HDD because my old one crashed and the data isn't recoverable so I lost years of work. I will still be making music but it's going to take time to get every setting back that I used. I'm hoping to at least release a new song sometime next month but it could take longer. On the good news, I recently joined a band as the lead guitarist and we'll be playing a show soon! Just thought I'd throw this out there since I haven't updated anything in a while.



Twitter and Youtube

2016-12-17 02:41:33 by Insomnimatic

Hey everyone, started a Twitter account and started to post my music to Youtube. If you'd like go check both out! I only have my newest song on Youtube at the moment but one more song is in the works and will soon be on there. Follow me on Twitter @Insomnimatics to see when it will be out or just to help out :D

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Insomnimatics

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPkezeJ7lAv88grbMVSrig

First EP in the making.

2016-03-28 22:44:11 by Insomnimatic

Hey everyone, just wanted to say I know I haven't really uploaded anything in a while but it is because I am working on a 3 track EP at the moment. So far I have an intro for the EP done (Not counted as a song) and I have partially completed the first track. Hopefully I'll have this project finished soon. I also bought a new bass for the occasion. Ibanez SR250 (Active Pickups). I love this bass. So far throughout recording I have not hit any snags and the quality is actually right where I would like it to be. Check back in the near future and I will have it done. I may edit this with a release date but for now i'm not sure when that will be.

Thanks for reading!


Back to it!

2016-02-21 04:08:38 by Insomnimatic

Hey everyone, finally after a while I've pumped out half of another song. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one as well! I'll probably be finished with this one completely soon so look out for the full version.



Different sound

2015-09-22 17:33:33 by Insomnimatic

Hey everyone, I just posted a new song the other night and I was messing around with a different sound than what I normally do. It's clean and distortion but not exactly something I'd do all the time and wanted to get opinions on it!

If anyone is interested in hearing it http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/644885 is where you can find it. Not asking for votes but just some pointers as I might do more music like this and just want feedback. Ignore the bad mixing I just wanted to see what everyone thought of the actual guitar playing haha.


~Long time no music~

2015-08-19 03:06:09 by Insomnimatic

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been putting anything new out. I have been a little busy lately but I will be uploading some new stuff very soon! I don't really have anything completely started yet but I do have a few I haven't finished quite yet and maybe I'll finish one of those or do a completely new one.


For those who haven't heard my latest stuff, here's one of the newer ones I've done. Hope you all enjoy it!



Hey everyone, I made a facebook page for my music work on here. I'm trying to get my music spread out more and social media is one of the best ways to do so. I'm not begging or pleading for you to like my page and spread the word but if you do like my music and want to share it with friends, why not help me get a little more out there with a bigger fan base?


Thank you to everyone who supports me on this and my music. I may do Facebook exclusives but not anytime soon.



Hell yeah! New fans! - Thank you!

2015-04-07 04:25:21 by Insomnimatic

Hey everyone, I just created a bandcamp page https://brokendreamsinparadise.bandcamp.com/ and it doesn't seem like the best way to get my music out there. Newgrounds has been my number one choice for uploading anything I create so if you guys enjoy my music, why not follow? I will keep posting more songs up as much as I can. Hopefully each one getting better. My newest song "Don't look down" in my opinion is my best yet and I still have vocals to add (Will be a lot of screaming) and I'm also going back to one of my other originals to do a re-recording. I have new equipment since I last did the song and I'm also ready to scream my lungs out at a microphone so just stay tuned and see which of my older songs I re-create.


Also, if anyone would like to check out my newest song you can find it here:


Warning: The beginning is very low and contains mostly bass. I was trying a new effect and if you're using headphones please watch your volume levels haha. Don't want any ears to bleed.